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We have just recently sold our business to Matt Smith at Antique Motorcycle Works.  His business is located in Montana.  His email is amwshop@gmail.com.  His  phone number is 503-655-5428.  Please refer all parts orders to him.   I feel good that Matt will continue to serve the Henderson owners.  He has other Henderson parts that he offers as well as what he bought from us. 

The Henderson Motorcycle Company of Saint Louis Missouri was organized in the mid-1980's by Steve Schackman and Bill Klein.  The purchase of a large lot of original Henderson parts that had been the basis of a thriving motorcycle repair business for Walter Masiack was the start of the new company.  Walter worked out of the Chicago area and had a significant inventory of parts that were from the Henderson factory shutdown in 1931.  Walter passed away in 1964 and the parts sat, untouched, for many years.  After buying the parts and moving them from Chicago to Saint Louis, they were sorted, identified and cataloged.  After organizing the original parts, it became obvious that a number of  reproduction parts would help to fill in some of the items missing from the original parts inventory. 
For a number of years Steve and Bill rebuilt motors for customers.  However, the emphasis now is on supplying parts to help other Henderson owners rebuild and restore their motorcycles.  We currently supply original New Old Stock and used Henderson parts as well as a large number of reproduction parts.

Revise 284 Luggage Carrier Nut description to include Bolts and lockwashers

08-03-2010.....New part,

B-2105 / B-2088 Control clevis pin.  This pin is used in the small control clevises to hook up the control cables to the magneto and carb.

05-12-2010.....New parts,

H-6484, KJ horn bracket / KJ & Deluxe front fender and Deluxe rear fender bolt, nut and lockwasher kit.  See Electrcal Parts,
Fork & Front Wheel Parts and Mudguard & Luggage Parts pages

03-05-2010.....New pictures,
Added some more parts pictures. Have a look on the specific parts pages.

02-18-2010.....New parts,

                  Part number XK-4331, Magneto spark advance rod end threaded rivet.  See Handlebars and Control Parts page, item reference 494.

                  Part number K-5411, Magneto spark advance rod, See Handlebars and Control Parts page, item reference number 495.

02-16-2010.....Back in stock, Part Number KJ-118, Henderson KJ oil level gauge.  See Motor Parts page, item reference number 444.
Also, Part numbers B-2074 or B-2087 Control Tube.  See Handlebar & Control Parts page, item reference 484.